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Letter Sound Song - Teacher Reviews

 1.  I found the Letter Sound Song program to be an excellent resource for my JK/SK students. I posted the letter frieze around the room, and students often used it when trying to figure out letter/sound relationships during independent writing activities. I also used the DVD as a whole group activity as we learned the actions together with the catchy tune. Even my most challenged students enjoyed learning the sounds and actions. I sent the booklets home, along with a DVD for those students who needed extra exposure and practice. The resources were easy to use with students at various levels of development. In my 17 years of experience as a JK/SK teacher, I found this resource to be more helpful compared to others that were available to me....          Louise   (JK/SK teacher, Ontario)

We, as a kindergarten team, absolutely LOVE the Letter Sound Song. The kids love the motions that go along with the song. It helps them to remember what sound the letter makes. We love the music and how upbeat the video is. My students look forward to hearing the song each and every day. It is such a great learning tool, and we are so thankful we found you! Thanks again for helping our students succeed!!      Ramla (JK/SK teacher, Texas)

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... Your program is a Hit .... I've been using it every day, and we are singing it in our sleep
now. So many (teachers) have asked if they could get one (Letter Sound Song resource kit), but I don't want to make you feel overwhelmed with responses ...... As you can tell, I am so impressed with it, and love sharing it with others.     Jackie (teacher, Ontario)

I have been using the Letter Sound Song in my kindergarten classroom for the past three school years.  It is a fun and easy- to- use program. The students really enjoy singing along with the CD or DVD.  It has become a great tool for helping my young learners understand the sound the letters make.  I start at the beginning of the year with the DVD for instruction, and then we flip back and forth between CD and DVD throughout the year.  When we are reviewing the sounds or we are spelling words and the students are stuck on a sound, I make the action and right away they know what letter we are talking about.  For the last two years, I was taping up the letter cards in my classroom for students to refer to.  However, this year I was lucky to receive the Letter Sound Song large poster, which is now up in my classroom for my students to use and refer to every day.  In my classroom, I use the Letter Sound Song every day with my Junior and Senior kindergarten classes. We use the song for teaching review and for fun in music. This is a wonderful program, with great visuals and a fun song to help students learn and remember the sound that each letter makes. Thank you for creating such a fun and teacher friendly program.    SK/JK teacher, Ontario

5.    We just love your program…thank you so much! ..... I just want to say that the kindergarteners love the song, videos and huge banner ......  Before the holidays, with a small group mix of my students and the ones next door, we would sing and dance to the song at the start and end of our half hour intervention time daily.  One student in particular went home nightly singing that song over and over.  Not only did she love it, but grew from knowing only 6 letter sounds to 16 ......    Melodie (JK/SK teacher, Ontario)

 6.   I am a kindergarten teacher and I have had great success using the Letter Sound Song to improve students’ letter recognition and sounds.  I have used both the Letter Sound Song and the PC version, which allows students to learn the alphabet, using the computer.  This PC version is especially successful because children can both see the letters and hear their sounds.  The Letter Sound Song is a wonderful tool.  Jennifer (JK teacher, Ontario)

7.  My Kindergarten students love singing the Letter Sound Song. As a teacher, the Letter Sound Song gives me a holistic approach to the alphabet, rather than focusing on “letter of the day”. I use the letter characters and kinesthetic motions to help students with letter identification, phonics and stretching out words while they write. My students are engaged and love singing the Letter Sound Song with the YouTube videos on my Smartboard. Thank you Letter Sound Song!       Sarah (JK teacher, Ontario)

One morning when they arrived at school, three boys (JK) stood by the pictures of the letters and sang the song (Letter Sound Song) complete with sounds and actions .... When we hear the “Get Ready”, everyone stands up and sings. We performed the song for parents at the JK concert in the spring. We could hear parents singing along with us. This song has put fun into learning to read and write. Peggy (JK/SK teacher, Ontario)

9.  First of all, thank you for your wonderful Letter Sound Song package .....  I have been teaching JK/SK for two years and they love itThank you so much .... Jill (JK/SK teacher)

The Letter Sound Song quickly engaged students as they “move” their way through the alphabet.  Even the youngest learners are able to quickly pick up the actions and participate within a few lessons. I use this song as part of my morning circle every day to reinforce the alphabet sounds and to energize my class for the day.     Amanda  (JK/SK teacher, Ontario)

The kids and staff love it!   Every morning I hear it echoing up and down our hallways! We've got a challenging group of students, so while our progress will be slow as we learn the song and pair the movements, student engagement is high, and that is often a challenge to achieve So really the hard part is done!  A few of the kids have learned the whole song, and others are confident with the first 3-4 letters.  I'm encouraging staff to leverage the student's memory of the song to help them during reading activities; another strategy to add to our "tool kit"....... Wendy    (Speech Language Pathologist, Connecticut)